bolero Information Systems

Bolero is a midwest web application development and web design company. We specialize in supporting higher education through our electronic research administration management portal. But also have years of experience assisting with development, design and illustration for everything from general marketing to grant proposals to campus maps to event support.

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What we do

Our primary application is the OneRamp electronic research administration portal. OneRamp is a single portal that gives you easy access to all your research administration functions and inspires confidence that you’re meeting all federal, state, local and institutional requirements.

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Our office

We are proudly part of the Nebraska Innovation Campus (NIC) community
1901 N 21st St., Suite 273
Lincoln, NE 68508

How to get to our office

We like to call our NIC location the "Nebraska" of Innovation Campus: landlocked in the middle with a lot of really cool stuff going on, but a bit out of the way so it's a little hard to get to.

On the NIC campus, we're located in the Food Innovation Center, the southernmost building on Nebraska Innovation Campus

First floor

From the main entrance to the food innovation center, follow the signs to the public elevators. Proceed to the second floor.

first floor map

Second floor

Follow the signs to suite 273. Look for the orange door.

second floor map

Our Name

We (and specifically, our CEO, Tim) are fans of classical music. Imagining what it would take to write a classical piece reminds us of building a web application. A finished piece of music is a beautiful fusion of art and technical ability. We can imagine the composer spends a great deal of planning out the path, building the piece, analyzing every detail and polishing off the small details to create an enjoyable experience for the consumer. For us, Boléro, a piece written by Maurice Ravel in 1928, is the perfect piece of classical music to choose as our namesake. It starts simple and humble. Through slow and steady repetition, new instruments are added, with that, more complexity is added until eventually it comes to a powerful, robust, energetic piece of music (an orchestrated crescendo). We feel like Bolero as a company has followed that process and we are still adding pieces every day. Our logo symbolizes this process, each piece of the logo is a layer being added in. Together, the collection of pieces equals Bolero.

bolero Information Systems