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M-F; 8 a.m. – 5 p.m.

All employees are expected to work a consistent schedule of 8 hours/day and 40 hours/week. The hours should be logged between the hours of 8:00 a.m. and 5:00 p.m. CST unless a different time slot is agreed upon. When you don’t meet those hours, take vacation.

On Call

To a certain extent, we are all “on call.” There are certainly times where we know you will be unavailable. But in general, employees are expected to be available for questions and troubleshooting.


When taking vacation, one week notice is requested. It is important to run all vacation through the employee portal so the automated reminders and vacation calculation can be processed.

Sneek; Kanbanflow

In general, all employees are expected to be visible on sneek when they are working. All employees are also expected to track their time using kanbanflow or other time tracking software approved by the team.

In the physical office when needed

Bolero provides an office for any employee who wants to use it. However, if you choose to work remotely, there are set days when all employees are expected to be in the office. At the moment, these days are pre-planned. But a more consistent schedule may be implemented in the future. Choosing to work outside of the office will impact what equipment is provided and having a space reserved in the office.

Attire: Casual; Clean; Non-offensive

When no guests are visiting or you are not meeting with anyone outside Bolero, dress requirements are casual. We ask that you wear clean clothes that are not offensive (e.g., offensive wording, appearance, smell etc.) or may be perceived as offensive to any group. Long pants, like jeans are also preferred when dressing casually. If there are guests coming in or you are meeting with any persons outside of Bolero, business casual is required and depending on the client, business formal may be requested.

Compliance with law; Respect in the workplace; Protection of Company Property; Professionalism

See our full code of conduct for all of the details.

bolero Information Systems